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picture of rhabyt

Gwyan Rhabyt is an new media artist and Professor at California State University East Bay. He has an MFA in Sculpture from California College of the Arts, and a BA in Philosphy from UC San Diego. Rhabyt's focus is on net art and place based installation.

His media-rich sculpture, performance, and installation pieces have been exhibited nationally and internationally. He has been working with digital art since experimenting with prototype GUIs at Xerox PARC in 1980 and analog interactivity since he hooked up two live performers, half a dozen tape loops, and an early Moog analog synthesizer in 1984.

He is currently Chair of the Art Department at CSU East Bay.

In 2008, 2010, and again in 2015, he was a visiting Fulbright professor at the Art Academy of the University of Split, Croatia, where he developed prototypes for their UrbanIdX initiatives and taught interaction design and designing for the Internet of Things.