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November 8th , 2008
A joy to see the country changing direction. I wonder if we will get any new arts funding out of Obama or will Wall Street follow it all? The only sad point was Proposition 8 passing here in California, though the No on 8 folks ran the most cowardly campaign, so it doesn't surprise me.

October 2th , 2008
Several projects coming up: the rewrite of the software for the Evolution Machine for a show in Santa Cruz in January and some interactive political geography.

August 10th , 2008
Back in California. Ahhhh. Sorry about the long gap, but I managed to leave my password and posting protocol here while I was in Croatia. I feel I have an impossible amount of catching up to do. Now where was that groove I need to get into?

Jan 20th , 2008
Frantic preparations for going to Croatia. I will be flying to Dallas for the CAA conference and from there to Split. I had hoped to get a piece done before i go, but that now seems doubtful.

Oct 18th , 2007
The Rural issue of Aspect just came out and I'm on the disk. Check it out.

Sept 25th , 2007
Well the new quarter is beginning and I'm forced to take a four class load (for Professors that is hella tough) to cover the time I am gone in Croatia as my sabbatical never got funded. So postings here may dry up for a while.

Sept 6th , 2007
Well I'm going to have a try at a full on proper blog. I've called it "Salt in the Code" and I'm going to write about my chief aesthetic love, Wabi-Sabi, in the context of technology. Come visit here.

May 2nd , 2007
The "33 Fiddles" show went really well. It was lovely weather. I'll post pictures. It's great when tech art goes off without a hitch and everyone gets the pure experience.

April 13th , 2007
I got the Fulbright! I only hope that I can afford to go.

March 27th , 2007
Looks like "33 Fiddles" which is scheduled for reinstallation in April at the Djerassi Foundation, may get into Aspect Magazine's upcoming "Rural" issue.

March 5th , 2007
Back from the College Art Association's annual conference, in snowy New York. The New Media Caucus, of which I am the current President, did well. We sponsored a panel at the official conference and a second in collaboration with the Vera List Center at the New School. Both were well attended.
The We2 show seems to be on permanent hold until Curator Juliet Davis's health improves. "What we think" is finished, but I'll hold off on the "Poetry Machine".

Feb 26th , 2007
I can't believe it. My sabbatical has been turned down! Apparently, getting a Fulbright (I made it contingent on that) doesn't have "enough impact" on the university. Go figure.

Feb 3rd , 2007
The Fulbright process has been pushed back by delays in passing the Federal budget. I won't find out until the bill gets through the Senate plus a month. Who knows when that'll be? Meanwhile getting sabbatical is proving to be bizarrely difficult.

Jan 21st , 2007
"Sounds of Sausal Creek", which was supposed to be installed this year is turning into a nightmare. The piece's components are to be installed in parks next to sidewalks in Oakland, with functioning solar powered sound electronics inside. Every test I do of the weatherproofing can't hold up to vandals (read, me testing it with a baseball bat) and every test of the vandalproofing can't hold up to the weather. And every trial takes weeks to cure before I can test it. Arggh!!

Nov 16th , 2006
Great news! My fulbright to go to Croatia has passed the first hurdle. There are two competitive stages and I just got approved on the first one. Now my application goes to the US Embassy in Zagreb for the final stage. Wish me luck!

Sept 20th , 2006
This is Autumn of paperwork hell. All my art projects are getting put on hold until the triumverate of Fulbright, Tenure, and Sabbatical applications are complete. The logistics that, I am sure, will help my art in the long term, are making me want to tear my hair out today.

August 11 th , 2006
Back in the USSA. Kids are away at Google. And I'm just starting to adjust to my old haunts. Not that I have much time for anything outside of the studio by day and the tenure file by night. Cool new phone project in the works... more later

July 22nd, 2006
Fulbright application is in. It feels pretty strong, but I haven't judged these things from the side that counts. Now I get to rest for a few weeks before starting on my application for Tenure.

June 13th , 2006
Grades are all in and I'm off to the UK and France for the summer. The big project (in addition to swimming in the Yonne, cheese tasting, a hitting the London galleries) will be writing my Fulbright application to go to Split in Croatia to teach and investigate the SE European New Media scene.

May 21st, 2006
Save the date! Wednesday June 7th, students in the CSU East Bay Multimedia Grad Program present their thesis projects. Some great stuff here.

May 4th, 2006
Congrats are due to Sarah Mattern and Seamus Byrne, two of my grad students, whose digital community storytelling project, the Organic City, just got an Honorable Mention from the Prix Ars Electronica. They are also close to getting a Webby. Go team!

May 1st, 2006
I decided to go for both pieces for the We2 show. The streaming text of the novel from Russia will work with a virtual texture font in flash and the animation generated on the client side. It'll probably take about five solid days from here. I'm calling it "What We Think", from the opening page of the book. The only question is whether it'll put too much burden on the average client machine.
The second piece "The Poetry Machine" will take some serious time, but I can get help filling in the details once I write most of the overarching pseudocode.